The Manual presents the CINAGE course and face to face training content, composed of six modules, for older learners.
  • Module 1: Let´s get into the CINAGE Course
  • Module 2: My active ageing story...
  • Module 3: Did you say old age? Did you say active ageing?
  • Module 4: Being active is my way of life. What about yours?
  • Module 5: Filmmaking
    • Unit 1: European cinema and active ageing
    • Unit 2: Scriptwriting - from life stories to movies
    • Unit 3: Directing - visual storytelling
    • Unit 4: Producing - how to organise the production of a short-film
    • Unit 5: Editing - from the shot to the film
  • Module 6: Cinema workshop

It also contains a glossary with the definition of key terms used therein.

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