Do you believe
  • on the importance of cinema, European films and the CINAGE Package for stimulating active ageing in today's societies?
  • everyone is entitled to take an active part in society without distinction of any kind?
  • everyone shall develop and use his or her competencies to full potential?
  • CINAGE Package enables older people to acquire audio-visual and ICT skills and improve cultural and literacy competencies?
  • CINAGE approach ameliorates older people's understanding of their changing position and striving for active ageing in ageing society?
  • possible to promote active ageing by enabling older learners to shoot their own films based on their self-reflection and experience?

If the answers to these questions is positive, then please fill in the next support declaration and explain in a succinct way how you are using or intend to use the CINAGE package

Thank you so much for your cooperation and support!

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