The Condominium (Condominio)

Release date June 2015
Running time 3’30’’
Director Bernardo Radi, Roberto Busi
Producer Centro Studi Città di Foligno, VIAINDUSTRIAE (Emanuele De Donno)
Writer Zoe Teatro (Emiliano Pergolari, Michele Bandini); Andrea Nevi
Cast Merita Pieracci, Enrico Coresi, Roberto Busi, Almudena Gonzalez Valenzuela, Kalidiouma Sidibé, Irene Morici, Dennis Croener, Anne Marie Croner, Forti Maria, Belillo Luana, Altheo Valentini
Country Italy
Language Italian
Subtitles Italian, English, Portuguese, Slovenian
Plot In the apartment building, people are so afraid of a transsexual ghost wandering at night. Fear and mistrust increase, they turn into a real manhunt on foreigners. Unlike the other residents, Marisa, a wise woman, opens the door to everyone and organizes noisy music parties and curry dinners with foreign friends coming from different countries. Suddenly, they heard a frightening scream coming from the stairs…Reaching their pain threshold, residents knock at Marisa’s door raging against her. Suspecting one of the foreigners is the ghost, they enjoin Marisa to drive them out. Marisa opens the door and invites the rioters to come in and enjoy the party. Eating the curry rice and drinking a good wine, the group of people enjoys making friends. In the meantime, in the stairwell, the real ghost, the hypnotized sleep-walker lawyer of the top floor, meanders threateningly…
Active ageing competencies  Civic and Community, Emotional

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