Joy (Nalezljivo veselje)

Release date June 2015
Running time 3' 02''
Director Bojana Žokalj Jesih

Slovenian Third Age University and Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Academy (for
them Meta Žgur and Jerca Jerič)

Writer Bojana Žokalj Jesih, Ivan Korelc, Janez Goršič, Uroš Trampuš

Janez Goršič, Dušana Findeisen, Zdenka Jerala, Violetta Bottazzo, Ivan Korelc, Silva Reiner,
Uroš Trampuš

Country Slovenia
Language Slovenian
Subtitles Italian, English, Portuguese
Plot Older people are presented, each of them appearing in a different window frame and displaying a different ability and interest. There is a window cleaner, a painter, a retired French teacher of reading Le Monde, there is a lady consulting her English dictionary, and yet another lady taking care of her pot plants and there is an accordion player playing Comparcita. Joy is catching, be it the joy of life, learning, music, gardening, travelling…
Active ageing competencies Learning; Emotional; Health

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