Baron (Barone)

Release date June 2015
Running time 3’30’’
Director Bernardo Radi, Alfredo Zeetti
Producer Centro Studi Città di Foligno, VIAINDUSTRIAE (Emanuele De Donno)
Writer Zoe Teatro (Emiliano Pergolari, Michele Bandini); Andrea Nevi
Cast Roberto Busi, Alfredo Zeetti, Filippo Coccia
Country Italy
Language Italian
Subtitles Italian, English, Portuguese, Slovenian

Baron is the nickname given a long time ago to Gigi, the League top-goal scorer. Now, he is the trainer of a youth football team which is about to compete for the finals to win the title. The way the top-goal scorer of the opposing team is playing reminds of Baron’s characteristic... During the finals, Gigi discovers that the young champion, who scored the decisive goal, is playing his last game. Gigi’s former teammate, who is the boy’s uncle, reveals Gigi that this is the little boys’ last match. For Gigi too this is the last match, he will retire. At the end of the match Gigi, the coach, goes near the young top-goal scorer and gives him his old shirt, the Baron’s uniform.

Active ageing competencies  Health, emotional

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