Course outline

The 14 days Course are distributed by 10 days of activities, two travel days and two free days.

As to activities: Week 1 will focus on topics 1-4. Week 2 will be based around an Atelier approach where course participants will develop and complete a short film based upon previously developed life stories.

Day 1 - Sunday
Arrival of the participants and welcoming session
Day 2 - Monday
Topic 1 - Introduction to the CINAGE Course, Package and Active Ageing
Day 3 - Tuesday
Topic 2 - European Cinema and Active Ageing
Day 4 - Wednesday
Topic 3 - Developing Life Stories and Strategies for Active Ageing
Day 5-6 - Thursday-Friday
Topic 4 - Turning Life Stories into Screenplays
Day 7-8 - Saturday-Sunday
Organised study visits and/or free time
Day 9-13 - Monday-Friday
Topic 5 - Filmmaking - Cinema atelier (production of the short movie)
Day 14 - Saturday
Departure of participants

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