The main objective of the course is to prepare participants to be able to use cinema as a mean for offering exciting training activities for later life learners. By the end of the course participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the potential use and exploitation of the CINAGE package, which includes:

  • Manual for Learners with information on the 6 training modules developed during the project;
  • Guide for facilitators/trainers with tips on how to implement the proposed activities;
  • Executive summaries on active ageing research and pilot actions already developed;
  • List of the selected 6 European films demonstrating active ageing themes/competencies and supporting fact sheets;
  • 12 CINAGE short films as DVD Pal including supporting fact sheets;
  • 12 situations and strategies to cope with active ageing.

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eu slIzvedba tega projekta je financirana s strani Evropske komisije.
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