V tej rubriki so na voljo video prispevki pomembnih trenutkov CINAGE projekta.

CINAGE Week, Foligno, Italy
video 1

A promotional week has been organised in Italy for the dissemination of the project and in particular the training course. From Tuesday 30 September to Sunday 5 October 2014, three events have been organised, including the projection of three of the six selected movies in the research phase of CINAGE, in collaboration with two local cine-clubs and a space for the exploitation of expressive arts “Spazio Zut”.
The Association Study Centre City of Foligno, project partner, with the collaboration of Zoe Teatro, VIAINDUSTRIAE and Spazio ZUT, organised an event participated also by the Regional Councillor for Welfare and Education Mrs Carla Casciari and the Municipal Councillor for Social Policies Mrs Maura Franquillo.
The three events were attended by almost 150 persons, whose 30 have filled an pre-enrolment for the participation at the course.

video 2

The CINAGE project, Cinema Workshop and short films made the Academy programme AKTV on Thursday, 7th May 2015.
Here is a video of the programme (from 38'42''), where Meta Žgur (project co-coordinator), Maja Križnik (facilitator) and Janez Goršič (older learner) presented the project and discussed the filmmaking process, short films and relationship between younger (facilitators) and older (participants) generations.

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