Closing UK Focus Group Meeting

The final meeting for the UK CINAGE Focus Group took place on Monday, 10th March at Leeds Metropolitan University. Ann Tobin, CINAGE Research Fellow, Mark Robinson, Senior Research Fellow for Health and Wellbeing and CINAGE researcher, Jennifer Granville, UK Project Manager and Nina Aleksandrowicz, Admin Assistant were present.

It was noted that the two senior learners were not at the meeting. There was a brief discussion about administrative ‘housekeeping’ and following the screening of the film ‘Before Twilight’ there was a discussion.

The group felt very strongly that they enjoyed the discussion of the film and that this was a much more valuable process than having to fill in grids. The discussion kept moving toward the cinematic qualities of the films as opposed to the relevancy regarding the competencies and the Focus group were unanimous is wishing that they could have had more questions on the cinematic aesthetic of the films, more time to discuss the aesthetics – more time in general to watch and digest the films.

There was a lot of curiousity about how the final package would ‘look’ and how it would be delivered and a lot of interest in being part of the project as it moves forward.

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