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The CinAge consortium is proud to announce details of our inaugural 2015 CINAGE Conference & Film Festival which will take place this July in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Hosted by The Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University the event aims to showcase the CINAGE programme and active ageing. The conference and festival programme will include:

  • A premier screening of films created by all four pilot action volunteers.
  • Q&A with volunteers from all 4 partner countries providing an intriguing insight into their individual pilot action experiences.
  • Screenings of a choice selection of British and European International feature films that portray the richness of later life.
  • Panel events on active ageing via Q & A’s with filmmakers, academics and experts within the field.

There will also be a CINAGE Short Film Competition that comprises of films either (i) made by seniors (ii) featuring seniors (iii) films that address active ageing and the richness of later life. There will be prizes awarded by an invited jury of both senior filmmakers and senior audience in the following categories - Best Film, Best Senior Performance, Best Senior Filmmaker. For further information about the CINAGE Short Film Competition and how to make a submission please see our ‘Submit Your Film’ section

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