Film Festivals

Festival Lumière Blanche

Intergenerational film festival which takes place in France.

Cinema and Elders

Italian National Film Festival which started in 1989 and later on changed in "Cinema and Sociability". The Festival is organized in a very small Municipality in Tuscany in cooperation with the local cineclub. There is not a dedicated website, but only the internal page of the Municipality. Here it is possibile to download the poster of the 2013 edition.

Ljubljana International Film Festival LIFFe

Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe) was launched in 1989 as the Film Art Festival Ljubljana. The festival is organised by the Film Department of the Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre, but films are also screened at Slovenian Cinematheque, Kinodvor Cinema, Kinoklub Vic and Kolosej Maribor. It can be classified as a specialised competitive festival that features an overview of contemporary world film production, but also focuses on emerging directors and new trends in contemporary cinema. For many years the programme director of the festival was Jelka Stergel, but Simon Popek has successfully succeeded her bringing a clearer cinefile touch to the festival in the last few years. Although its selection is now maybe less commercial and populist than before, the festival audience is still growing. With close to 50,000 tickets sold the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe) is the biggest event in the yearly programme in Cankarjev dom and also one of the biggest cultural events in Slovenia. One of the reasons for the growing interest are also the international guests (directors, actors, producers, etc.) who are visiting the festival each year in bigger numbers.

Festival of Slovenian Film

At the festival the Metod Badjura Award for Lifetime Achievement - the most eminent award in the field of filmmaking in Slovenia - is given.
The expert jury of the festival also gives the Vesna Awards for the most prominent filmmakers' achievements in the previous year. The Vesna Award symbolises the strength of the heroine from the legendary film with the same title directed by František Cap, a director of Czech descent, which represents one of the pillars of the Slovenian film history today.
This festival is the successor of the Slovenian Film Week in Celje, established in the 1970s and renamed as the Slovenian Film Marathon after the attainment of the Slovenian independence. This festival then moved to Portorož where, after a few migrations to other locations, it still remains today.
The Festival of Slovenian Film is a national event where filmmakers, professional community, international guests and other film enthusiasts meet.
Catalogue of 16th Festival of Slovenian Film


Promoting the idea of healthy ageing and improving quality of life for older people with an Intergenerational European Film Festival in different European cities, (especially Frankfurt am Main, Hanau, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Lisbon, London, and Manchester). Aimed to create new opportunities for social exchange between old and young and implement cultural activities that invite all generations to meet, get to know and learn from each other.


  • 9 – 16 October in the Rhine-Neckar area.
  • 12 October in Frankfurt am Main, International Expert Workshop in cooperation with the EU CINAGE Project “European Cinema for Active Ageing”.
  • 12 October in Frankfurt am Main, official opening with patron Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ursula Lehr, former Federal Minister
Shot Hot Flush Film Festival

The Short Hot Flush Film Festival, a new festival for Brighton, United Kingdom, celebrates women over 50 in front of and behind the camera. The Festival wants to showcase films and film-makers who put women in the prime of their life and beyond, slap bang in the middle of the cinema screen. The Films should have a woman over 50 at their centre OR are created by a female film-maker (writer, director or producer) who’s over 50.

The festival is open to everyone. If your film celebrates the life of a woman over 50 – either as its star or its creator – you can submit it to the festival!

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