I Workshop CINAGE sono eventi nazionali finalizzati alla presentazione dei risultati progettuali  are dedicated national events aimed at presenting CINAGE outcomes and introducing the package to the potential end-users.

The workshops will be held in September/October in Portugal, Italy, the UK and Slovenia and will address three main topics: (1) how to use cinema in later life learning (2) how to use films as a tool to support active ageing and (3) how to use personal stories to develop a short film.
The twelve short-films CINAGE will be screened followed by Q&A panel with pilot action participants.

The workshops will be a great opportunity for anybody who is interested in film pedagogy, active ageing and film producing!

Who are they for?
The Workshops address the target groups but also other interested stakeholders and decision makers, working in the same and/or complementary areas. This way gaining wider visibility, recognition and reinforcing the chances of CINAGE sustainability. 

Schedule & Free registration
  • 22nd September, at 9 a.m., Slovenian Third Age University, Slovenia (programme).
  • 23rd September, at 10 a.m., Spazio ZUT - Foligno, Italy (programme).
  • 24th september at 4 p., atmosfera m, Lisbon, Portugal (programme).
  • 1st October, International Day of Older Persons, Carriage Works – Room 4, Leeds, United Kingdom (programme).
  • Presentation of CINAGE
  • Screening CINAGE short movies followed by Q&A panel with pilot action participants
  • Plenary debate
  • Closing
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