Inaugural IT Focus Group Meeting

The first meeting for the Italian CINAGE Focus Group took place on Wednesday, 12th February at the Study Center City of Foligno.

The focus group developed as follow:
  • Welcome of the participant
  • Each participants introduced themselves and the reason why they are interested in the project
  • Explanation of the main objectives and results of CINAGE project
  • Explanation of ocus group aims, structure and methodology
  • Analysis of the grid and the competencies
  • Screening of the movie: Mid-August Lunch

After the screening there was a discussion among the group regarding which of the competencies may apply to the movie plot. Each participant shared their opinion and interpretation on how the competencies where represented in the movie.

At the end of the discussion the Focus Group Grid was completed by each participant, and a pack made by the movies and the rest of the grids copies was given to all of them.

The movies we were capable to deliver are:
  • A Lady in Paris
  • Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • Amour
  • Elsa y Fred
  • Night Boats
  • Empties
  • Wolke 9
In the pack we also included:
  • A table with the explanation of the six competencies
  • 11 copies of the Focus Group Grid

Another session of the focus group was scheduled for the 27th of February, during which another movie will be screened and the rest of the movies will be delivered.

It was agreed that the final IT CINAGE Focus group meeting will take place on 17th March 2014.

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