Closing IT Focus Group Meeting

The third and last focus group meeting was organized at the Study Center on the 27th of March. All the participants to the focus group took part to the meeting managed by Altheo Valentini, Project Manager.

First of all, we asked participant if they had the possibility to watch all movies and to give us a first feeling on how was for them the experience, if they wanted to report particular positive or negative thoughts about it.

From the point of view of the senior learners some movies, especially Amour, were not focused on active ageing but rather to other aspects of ageing, such as death, health issues etc. This for them didn’t grasp fully the aim of the focus group.

Generally speaking all participants of the focus group appreciated the movies and the participation to the focus group, showing the will to take part to further project activities.

The only common difficulty was represented by the movie analysis grid, because questions and modalities for compilation were not clear enough to the majority of the focus group members. We need to highlight that during the first focus group, the grid was explained to all participant and analyzed. In fact, already during that occasion most of the participants showed perplexity about some questions. When returning back all the grid, still some doubts remained and participants suggested an easier and more comprehensible grid, taking into account that had to be fulfilled by people in four different countries, with different languages and linguistic structures.

The meeting proceeded with the questionnaire regarding the overall assessment of the focus group and the selection of the six final movies. Each participant answered to the questions and at the end a discussion about the selected movies was made. Apart from the general votes, was particular highlighted how “Good to go” represented more than the other movie all the competencies in a detailed way.

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